Quincke, Heinrich Irenaeus

Quincke, Heinrich Irenaeus
SUBJECT AREA: Medical technology
b. 28 August 1842 Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany
d. 19 May 1922 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
German physician, inventor of the technique of lumbar puncture.
Quincke trained in medicine at Berlin, Würzburg and Heidelberg Universities. Following three years as a postgraduate at the University of Berlin, he was appointed Professor of Internal Medicine at Berne. Five years later he was appointed to the Chair in Kiel that he held for the next thirty years.
During this time his researches included the study of angioneurotic oedema, blood pressure and the systemic responses to carotid sinus stimulation. His studies of lumbar puncture procedures in animals led to the use of the technique in humans, and in 1911 he reported on the results of using the procedure twenty-two times in ten patients.
1902, Die Technik der Lumbarpunktion.
1890, "Lumbar Puncture in Hydrocephalus", Klin. Wschr.

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